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Ya imra2a by MALIKAH

Original: Arabic
Translated by: Anonymous



Woman, I am talking to you as I am a woman like you
I am not exaggerating. It is time to confront and plan for you
Woman, voice the cry of freedom in the name of every woman who cried or suffered in the name of humanity
This is the message, follow it in details. Man has decided that your life is destined for him to rule
Don’t live in dismay, go work and earn money. Come with me in this march. Love your sister and forget jealousy
If a girl spends the night out, she is labeled as bad
But for a man it is ok to stay out till the morning, this is the truth for her to tolerate
You should take care of him like a child holding his feeding bottle after school
Stay independent and you will stay important. This is between us to resolve
We want to advance, we want to get an education, we want to shine and have control of our lives

CHORUS (x 2)
Ladies, toughen up
Young girls are always proud
Leave inflated self esteem aside, we have power that will help.. help
Without our blessings they are worthless

Yes, you are the affection and protection. You are the one who cared for man since a long time
Yes, you are the one who raises these generations. You, everywhere carry peace
You are the most beautiful rose in the garden; I wish to make you dresses of jasmine
You are so dear to hearts, you can speak on behalf of everybody
You are the mother and no one is more important than you, who carries this burden like you
I am talking to the world with no criticism. Come on queen, move forward
Nine months and you are not feeling what your mother was going through. Kiss her hands and give thanks.
She sacrifices her life for her kids and her home even if takes away her food. Kiss her hands and give thanks
Remember who loved you; safe kept you and raised you up, who put you on your way. Tell me for the love of God

Sing with me; march with me in this precious cause
Come on. Sing with me; march with me in this precious cause
We will not let anything stop us, we were imprisoned and felt disgusted
We are all united and know the taste of responsibility and freedom never perishes.