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Student Feedback on School Workshop

December 16, 2011

Remember the Translating Hip Hop School Workshop at JFK school in Berlin? That´s what Lori Cook said, music teacher at JFK:

These events have had remarkable effects already on some of the students. I would like to share with you some of the comments these 10th grade students wrote about the experiences that you made possible..

…and that´s what the students said:

„Thank you for bringing in Tondo Tribe, whose artistry and words not only inspired me as a Filipina to treasure my native culture, but also inciting the belief that it is something to be shared and spread.“

“I very much enjoyed the female hip hoppers at the concert since they represented feminism and proved that woman can be just as good, if not better than male performers.” Read more…

School Workshop at “Leonardo da Vinci Gymnasium” Part II

November 23, 2011

Here´s a video of Nazizi, Chefket, Amewu and Boogiedownload at Leonardo da Vinci School (8.11.2011.) conducting a Hip Hop Workshop for “Translating Hip Hop” and Nazizi talking about how she started with Hip Hop. Patricia Hecht ( “Der Tagesspiegel”) was also at the workshop – click here to get to the article

Nazizi: I started doing Hip Hop when there was no Hip Hop in my country. It was a struggle because we had mostly the amercian music playing on the radio, and no kenyan artists and no kenyan music at all …
I come from the time there was no kenya hip hop – we had one group which finally did some songs on the radio – Kalamashaka…

Talking about Translating Hip Hop (3): SHIELBERT MANUEL aka OG SACRED

November 20, 2011

Through “Translating Hip hop”, I just noticed that Bogota and Manila have a lot in common. Take the hip hop scene: we are struggling in the same way to make us a name and to be recognized as a rapper. It is also similar how we put the problem of the society into the lyrics, as well as the conditions under which we need to work hard to do the responsibilities while doing some steps for the progress of our career.
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Freestyle @ Café Global

November 15, 2011

Two video clips of the freestyle sessions at Café Global/House of World Cultures – Chefket, Amewu, Moroko, Illspokin and DJ Werd doing it big. Enjoy!

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Third school workshop at “Leonardo da Vinci Gymnasium”

November 14, 2011

Translating Hip Hop @ school: This time Chefket, Amewu and Nazizi visited students of the „Kulturwerkstatt 10“ (Leonardo da Vinci Gymnasiums, Berlin). The artists answered questions and showed their rap skills. „Hausradio“ of the House of World Cultures joined the workshop and produced a radio show with Detlef Diederichsen (curator), all participating artists and the students.

The show was produced under the direction of Henning Schärfke, Guido Plonski, Adina Jelen, Agnes Schipper and Stefan Neuhaus. „Hausradio“ is located in a former telephone booth center of HKW, the “Glass Studio”. The radio program is a co-production between The House of World Cultures, Next and Klubradio Ltd.

Talking about Translating Hip Hop (2): RAYESS BEK

November 13, 2011

I think that “translating” has many meanings. If we consider Hip Hop lyrics as poetry, as artistic texts, we notice that it can have multiple layers of comprehension. The first layer would be the words used in that text. The second layer would be the emotions. Third layer is the cultural background that the author refers to.
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Pictures of the opening (10.11.2011)

November 12, 2011

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